So shake those trees! We are blessed in Ohio with wild, abundant Black Walnut trees! Now about this blessing, Black Walnuts have a richer, denser taste, BUT they are difficult to shell (we are talking stained hands and lots of work). We are also lucky to have a plentiful and available supply of traditional English walnuts in our grocery stores….so whether it’s Black Walnut or English Walnuts, let’s work to make these all delicious!  

Posting my recipe that shouts FALL, for the Amazing Sweet N Savory Spiced Walnuts. Whether this is your best excuse ever to eat a salad, or bake a walnut encrusted Chicken Breast, or simply snack away! However, this recipe does come with a warning, they are addictive!

In a nutshell, (yes I did this!), these walnuts are perfectly coated, sweet and savory and that delicious crunch we require from snacks.  And my favorite, walnuts are a great source of protein! So enjoy this good for you deliciousness!  These are also a great holiday gift for family and friends!

WATCH FOR THESE AMAZING SWEET N’ SAVORY NUTS coming soon on the Shop ( 8.8oz bags)!

The Amazing Sweet n’ Savory Spiced Nuts

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