Welcome to the KB Family!

Welcome to the KB Family!

A big welcome to the newest member of the AMAZING Kitchen’s Bounty family: Coffee Rub!

This fantastic addition to our suite of spice rubs and seasonings is the latest star for your grilled, smoked or seared meats.

We start with our Thunder & Lightning Espresso beans and the coffee’s taste and acidity work to provide a perfect blending medium for our 20+ other spices included in this rub!

It’s a complex blend, but that’s how we deliver the taste! Coffee Rub is perfect to caramelize meats, crusting and sealing in moisture with grilling and searing. BUT for a smoker…well that slow hazy cook may be the greatest match of all!

The Coffee Rub has been produced in a special, limited run, so get it while you can! You’re going to love the rich complexity it brings to your meats.