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Chef’s Table Policy

Hostess/Host works with Terri and agrees on:

  • date
  • guest count
  • subject or occasion
  • menu

Once the date, schedule, and menu are set all parties require a 50% deposit and non-cancellation policy on party and guests (14 days before).

Pricing is based on menu, guest count, and services. Per person prices are all inclusive in total and range from $100 to $200 per person.

Contact Terri Bergman at for inquiries.

The concept of the chef’s table originated from an age-old practice of chefs entertaining their family and friends in the kitchen as they worked. If space allowed, they sat at a *small table(s) tucked in an out-of-the-way corner and we have that!  *(seats 12)

Guests seated at the chef’s tables have typically enjoyed more meaningful interactions with the chefs than would be possible in the dining room. “For the guest, it really is about being a part of the kitchen life. We can get playful with the menu, with our guest and serve what they want”. Still, there are many guests who want the behind-the-scenes glimpse into the operations of a working kitchen without experiencing all the noise, the heat and the commotion that comes in the kitchen. For them, a fully enclosed **private room that sits within or adjacent to the kitchen provides the perfect balance and WOW, do we have that! **(seats 12)

” From my viewpoint the interaction between the chef and the guests provides more insight into the dishes and the pairings. We teach how to create the dishes, answer questions and plate professionally. We also have a bit of fun, are playful and engage our guests. This adds another element to the whole experience.

“People come here to enjoy the show, which is everything going on in the kitchen, but leave loving our food!” 

Terri has created the continually changing kitchen, so the experience is optimized. Beautiful copper countertops make for a warm space and the counter gently curves around to provide a better view of the culinary preparations while also allowing friends and family to chat more easily amongst themselves. The amount of heat in the kitchen is minimized by the use of glass cooktops rather than gas ranges. Our enclosed grill room off the kitchen allows all manners of preparation all year long!

Let us customize an evening, event or experience to remember. You are invited!

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