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Terri Bergman cooks delicious, beautiful, whole food using real ingredients in The Studio at Hilltop’s Haven. Find recipes for your next dinner party, holiday gathering or lunch on the patio right here on The Kitchen’s Bounty. Recipes feature seasonal ingredients and The Kitchen’s Bounty seasonings and spices.


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Already a staple in many restaurant and home kitchens, The Amazing Rub, The Amazing Heat, Pummull Spice, and all of The Kitchen’s Bounty seasonings, custom-roasted coffee and other products are available for you, delivered right to your door.

beautiful life

Welcome to Joyce’s Atelier! From her studio she uses her arsenal of beautiful things to create stunning table settings, platings, home and dining décor and more. Many times she will even sell the china sets and other accessories used to create the beautiful scenes.

TERRI BERGMAN & the kitchen's bounty

I am a woman of a certain age (a fun one!) who is on fire with cooking, creating, entertaining, teaching and spreading the spice of life! Join me! Welcome to The Kitchens Bounty and The Studio at Hilltop’s Haven!

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