Kitchen’s Bounty Couture Candles…it’s always been about the scent!

So in any kitchen, be it a show stopper, be it a warm work space, be it a cozy nook, if it isn’t smelling delicious, then it doesn’t have soul!  So just as I seek and work to perfect Spices, Recipes and Menus with complex and delicious flavors, well the same thing applies for the candles that scent our studio and homes!  A candle making artist, Devin, came into my life and shared some of her most delicious creations with me! At first, I was just so grateful to own these wonderful candles she had created, but then, like a good coffee, my thoughts percolated on “what if the scents and flavor profiles that drive my dishes, were contained in a candle?”. The result of these meanderings with said candle maker, is a little bit of “Culinary Aroma Therapy”.  It just shouts love!  Love the scents, Love the candle names (for my dear loves), Love the packaging (in our original spice jars) and Love that we, at the Kitchens Bounty,  get to offer these to you! So happy and proud to share these treasures with you! 

I honestly wonder, is there any better gift to bring to your next engagement, party or under the tree? Bring the Candles for their beauty, but when that glass lid is lifted and the scent wafts out, well that’s when the magic begins! ENJOY!

Ava’s Pummull Spice Soufflé Candle

Bab’s Maple Candied Tarté Candle

Cali’s Café Brulot Candle

Pummull Spice Candle & Seasoning Gift Set

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