Cali’s Café Brulot Candle


Try our newest candle scent!

Coffee lovers, does anything smell better than the rich scent of brewing coffee? Fresh coffee that is spiced with brandy, orange and cinnamon, even better! Yes, our house standard French Velvet Roast with the BRULOT spices! Buy the French Velvet Coffee to drink, but light the candle for the gorgeous scent! Love note to CALI, to the Classy Coffee loving Sis, “Love in the air, smells like sweet ‘n spiced coffee”, that’s you!  Channeling the French Sisters!

The Kitchen's Bounty candles are lovely, custom-blended paraffin attractively poured into a reusable double old fashioned glass with a glass lid, great to store your spices in – start a collection!

4.5" jar candle - Cali's Café Brulot

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