So this French Stuffing evokes the most wonderful memories for me! I remember (like it was yesterday) making this at the stove with my *Dad when I was 16 years old (Flashback to the Groovy 70’s!) I was number 9 in a family of 11 kids, and I loved to cook. We were expecting the entire family for Thanksgiving Dinner and my Dad was preparing the Tourtiere stuffing, I was his Sous Chef! We had just put the cooked meat and vegetables pan aside and completed the mashed potatoes to add. I jumped the gun, and “dumped” the mashed into the meat mixture…what I didn’t realize is that my Dad always drained a large portion of the fat out from the mixture first! (Yes, I wasn’t the best cook then!) I will always remember my Dad’s exclamation, “OHHH”, (I was literally holding my breathe..Oh-Oh!) Dad then took a deep breath and told me he wished I hadn’t done that (understatement!) because we needed to remove the most of the juices(fats!) We now had a pretty soupy mixture! Here is where it gets magical, he never yelled, he never scolded, he just said that we now had to cook a couple whole potatoes quick and mash more into mixture. It was all going to be okay, and then he rubbed my back a little….

This dish is the Holidays for me, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. It is delicious, warm and says friends and family. But the secret “spice” for me, was that one on one moment, with a sweet Dad, that held it together and dispensed love. Well after all, isn’t that always the best ingredient in any dish! Blessing to you my friends and may you enjoy!

*Dads back in the day were not like the dads of today. Most worked so hard, were so tired that they tended to be reserved. Moms did most of the interaction with the kids…but as my Dad put down the mantel of raising 11 kids, he put the tough guy stuff aside, he had made it thru the hard years. My Dad became a sweetheart! Oh yes, you still called your Mom and hoped Dad didn’t answer the phone first! But like a fine wine, that Dad of mine, became the best vintage, the tannins reduced, the sweetest in the front! Here’s to you, Pepere!

Tourtiere – French Canadian Stuffing/Meat Pie

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