So here it is! I was running into Sam’s Club to do a quick pick up of the Sam’s Broasted Chicken, my go to quickie! THE BROASTER WAS BROKEN, no really!  I actually met a few friends with the same look of longing and disbelief at the Counter and NO GO Sign! What am I going to do? Can you believe I even had a moment of hesitation? Of course, I am going to pick up a twin set of whole chickens and make my own.

Really simple, I explained this to those same friends and they looked with disbelief, “I’ll post it”, I said! And here it is ….so simple and maybe a long time until I return to “Pick up a Chick”! EASY – YUM!

So it’s true, homemade really is better!

Amazing Roasted and Herbed Whole Chicken

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