So it’s Fat Tuesday, and around the Cleveland Area it’s Paczki Day. Yes those Jelly filled Donuts that are as fabulous as they look! I think all around the country people are buying and eating * Paczki’s! (*The Polish Name for these donuts)  I have tried to remember way back to my roots and I don’t think we called them Paczki’s in New England in the dark ages! But I do remember Pam’s Donuts fabulously jelly stuffed donuts and Jelly piped Beignets! What memories those were!

So yes, up early…not making, but buying Paczki’s at our local grocery store.

Stop the car, there’s one bite…now let’s do this seriously at home! Here is to every excuse I can find to celebrate an event, a Holiday…and in this case the day before a Holy Day (Ash Wednesday). From this number 9 of 11 in a big Catholic family, I can close my eyes and remember my parents home and special days like this. Obviously there always seem to be a food tradition and yes, I love those!

So I’m not going to instruct on how to make your own Paczki or **Beignet (Café du Monde is the best mix/helper I have ever found).  But I am going to go out on a limb, and tell you that I love this precursor to Spring…and happen to celebrate our current Pope and  am still entranced with his message last year and this year, that instead of just “giving up” for Lent…we give. Of our hearts, displaying kindness in our messages and to take a “Fast” from the criticism of others.  So I love this and with that Spirit in my heart…I enter this passage. So I did divert from the table and kitchen above, but it’s good to travel!

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