So I had a fun, simple and delicious dinner planned for a small group of besties! You know the drill, you can’t wait for the conversation, the news, the wine!!! Well, hell – dinner is a done deal because this is a go to din-din, with favorite flavors and recipes! So that was how it was supposed to go! BUT on this late summer evening, a sure thing decided not to show up!

The delicious Hilltops Black Walnut Salad – well that was perfect down to the little kiss of maple syrup that makes it sing! The Apples in Rum Raisin Dessert sauce was ingredient prepped, and even the ice cream was pre-scooped (yes I admit to being a bit of a control freak!). The only job on dessert was to make sure that my dramatic flambé did not get out of hand…well, that’s another story! Let’s just say deliciousness was served!

It was the mini baked stuffed eggplants, that had me laughing, a little crying and a big “no I’m not serving this?!!. The little buggers, would not—repeat would not—cook! No kidding! I have never had this happen before, so after an hour of checking the oven, prodding and looking aghast, I went to plan B, Eggplant Parmesans.  Now I have a killer recipe for Eggplant Parmesans – and I’m sharing that here, but what I served my dear friends that evening did not look so pretty! Honestly, I am sharing this because there you have it…a sure thing, going amiss – not your everyday kitchen event! But I haven’t stopped laughing since.  So to friends who ignore mistakes, to a little “too much wine”, to the flaming flambé dramatic finish and to totally serving food with joy – perfect of not.  Over and out my friends!!

Hilltops Black Walnut Salad
Apples in Rum Raisin Sauce
Eggplant Parmesans

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