Swedish Meatballs, is it the gravy that we love, the warm spice palette (that cinnamon family), the soft and tender bite, the homage to the Scandinavian furniture giant IKEA or the fact that this dish is just better Day Two! Well for me, I love Swedish Meatballs because they remind me of the sweetest Grandmother “Anna,” the one I borrowed from my husband’s Swedish side of the Family! Anna would make her version of Swedish Meatballs, the aroma was divine and the taste, well, it tasted like old-fashioned love!

So I have done my own rendition of Swedish Meatballs, maybe a little French thrown in, probably a nod to Turkey (yes, this is where they originated) but at the end of the day, a wonderful dish that’s easy to make and always fun to serve and eat with love! And here’s to you Pete, who occasional keeps my culinary forks grounded!

Swedish Meatballs; the Amazing Anna!

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