Early morning wanderings, this lil piggy’s going to market, one of the grands giving me a hand (Owen’s handprint 2020), my flower boxes getting ready to leap – and color chart reminder for gardens! Sunny day shades for everyone…next hitting the Sandusky Market – fabulous! Croissants, Manuella’s Cookies, Hydroponic Lettuces (gorgeous)…do we eat or use for decor? Okay both! Then an unexpected visitor rode the copper pot in from outside – yes, I did jump…just like the frog! Early afternoon and oh those June Days! Hope you’re enjoying yours!!! (Merle Allshouse, here’s is to you, who always said “start it like you want to finish it)

And the same Elephant Ear Bulb, just peeking out, here is a year ago…..early September! Isn’t it cool! These are all over the grounds!

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